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ATOM3D: Advanced techniques for Optical Manipulation using novel three-dimensional light fields

The aim is to develop novel optical manipulation techniques, for "optical tweezers," whereby the momentum carried by the photons of an intense laser beam can be used to manipulate microscopic objects, ranging from atoms to particles in the micron size range.  It opens the way for trapping and localising tiny biological samples such as viruses and DNA, and has exciting applications in fundamental science (optics, atomic physics) and technology, including micro-fluidics.

Duration: 36 months starting 1 July 2004

Description of collaboration



University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom

Novel optical landscapes

Risø National Laboratory, Denmark

Advanced techniques for optical manipulation using GPC-generated beams

THALES Research Technology, France

Spatial light modulators

Institute of Scientific Instruments, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Interferometric optical trapping

Institute of Biophysics, Biological Research Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Microfabrication, photopolymerization and microfluidics

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Microfluidics and biological applications

Fundació Privada Institut de Ciencies Fotóniques, Spain



ATOM3D is among the first 10 NEST-ADVENTURE projects funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework - FP6 program. The NEST (New and Emerging Science and Technology) is a new activity supporting unconventional and visionary research with the potential to open new fields for European science and technology. It will also support research on new potential problems uncovered by science and help to consolidate European efforts in emerging fields of research. The key requirement of ADVENTURE projects is that they must be very challenging and ambitious. They will aim to develop new scientific knowledge and technological capabilities with very high potential impact, using unconventional and innovative approaches.

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